Saturday, March 6, 2010

4 Ways to Start Dating Your Ex-Lover

Ways to Start Dating Your Ex-Lover

Dates: you’ve had enough of them in romance novels, in mushy movies, see them happen in real life, and have already gone on a real one with your ex, so you must be ready, right? But just in case the inevitable happens and you have nothing to do but start dating your ex, here are some pointers to bear in mind to guard your heart to never experience heartaches yet again. Read on.

• Be true to yourself. Dating your ex is easy and difficult at the same time. Easy in the sense that you no longer have to play guessing games in order to determine topics and subjects that will interest your date. However, it also becomes difficult as there will be some moments of awkwardness and uneasiness since you’re dating not just a simple acquaintance, but your ex-lover. To put a stop to your apprehensions, it is better that you never lose your true self. Nothing beats someone who manages to show his/her true colors without any signs of pretension. If you’re able to do this without losing your composure, winning the heart of your ex is 100% certain. \

• Remember, there’s still tomorrow. Dating your ex might spark some excitement on your part no matter what the cause of the break up. Regardless of how your relationship turned out in the past, just a thought of having your ex for a date makes you reminisce about young ardor and fresh relationship brought about by innocent love. But you shouldn’t be too complacent the moment you date your ex. You may want to keep talking forever and wouldn’t mind if the clock’s ticking, but cutting the date short would make the rendezvous more mysterious, as your ex would crave for more dates and unlimited talks the next time.

• Dating your ex doesn’t have to perfect . Let’s face it, you started out as imperfect couples and ended as imperfect individuals moving on your separate ways. So don’t expect to have a picture-perfect date. Many things could go wrong especially when you’re both uncomfortable of getting into a date once more. But the most important thing is you don’t let small flaws and mistakes ruin you and distract you from the important things that matter. Enjoy being in the company of your ex, laugh your heart out yet never lose yourself, and let your gorgeous personality shine – even if your wiry hair doesn’t.

• You are who you date - It’s true that you can’t choose whom you will love, but you have the liberty to choose whom you will date. If you opt to date your ex for whatever reasons you may have, make sure that it is built on honesty and sincerity. If you’re just going on a date with your ex just to get even with him/her, then you better stop right there. Remember that every relationship will teach you something about yourself and shape you to become your best self. If you date a jerk, you will most likely get hurt and you will learn to hurt others as well. Therefore, you have to hold out for someone who inspires you to be the best person you can ever be.

Friday, March 5, 2010

4 Subtle Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Subtle signs are oftentimes the most obvious codes of all. If you’ve just recently declared yourself single and is now leading a solo life, times maybe really hard for you. However, things become a lot more difficult to understand especially when the one who breaks your heart suddenly makes gestures that are both confusing and puzzling on your part.

So how do you know of signs your ex wants you back? Here are simple yet clear motions signaling that your ex is still into you. Check this out:

1. Old routines are still present – One indication that your ex-partner still wants to go on with the relationship is when you both agreed to go separate ways, yet one is unable to let go of the old routines (e.g. calling you from time to time, house visitation, asking how your day goes, and other nittty-gritty couples do). When these routinely acts transpire, it is of the essence that you try to brazen out things you find puzzling. If your ex-partner couldn’t seem to unfetter your regular routines as partners, ask him/her what he/she wants to do with the situation. If your ex wants to compromise and patch things up, this is one sign you shouldn’t dare miss.

2. Your ex does things that are unusual and out of the ordinary – This is just one of those signs your ex wants you back. Arriving 1 hour before the designated time, being extra sweet and understanding, and making unusual and surprising gestures are some of the signals that your ex still has special feelings for you. Just imagine this: No ex-lover that recently broke up with his/her significant other would get into sweet nothings without any implications. So if you’re encountering these perplexing actions from your ex, the signs are clear to understand: You still got his/her heart.

3. He treats you like a queen, she treats you like a king – It is so amazing how treatments can spell ones innermost intention towards another. If your ex-boyfriend suddenly become a slave to your every need and does things to your heart’s desire, then that is one of those signs your ex wants you back. On the other hand, if your ex-girlfriend suddenly gives in to whatever you tell her you want her to do, then there’s no question about it, she’s still madly and deeply in love with you.

4. Willingness to change – If you see an act of readiness and enthusiasm in your ex-partner’s attitude, then it simply means that he/she is willing to change for the better. Your ex is eager to do everything just to make the relationship work once more. Change is good, and if your ex-lover uses this sign to relay his/her message of love to you, you must be prepared to respond to his/her actions.

The above-mentioned signs are easy to decipher. You just have to be very observant and resilient to subtle signs that somehow become understandable and noticeable to its recipient. And, that recipient is YOU.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

3 Heartbreak Tips to Help You Deal with Break Ups

If break ups could kill, it probably killed the entire human race. Breaking up with somebody kills emotions, but it doesn’t take away ones life – that is if suicide is totally out of your vocabulary. Each person has different coping mechanisms as to how to get away from a heartbreaking situation. But things aren’t as easy as one imagines for there are also levels of emotional acceptance and understanding that a person must go through. So, if you don’t know what to do and are in dire need of heartbreak advice to get you out from emotional stress and heartaches, here are advices to see you through a difficult situation.

Heartbreak Tip #1: Love Yourself

When you’re in love, you become very concerned of your partner’s every single need, to the point that you’re being harsh to yourself. Can you still remember the day when you let go of that skateboard in favor of your girlfriend’s necklace, or those stilettos you’ve been aiming for months just so you can give your guy a new pair of shoes? Simple things that matters greatly to you, yet you tend to give way for the sake of love. In a more profound instance, loving your partner more than yourself is also manifested by choosing the other party’s happiness (e.g. giving and spending almost all your time to your significant other than spending it with family and friends) than your own bliss. This is where break ups become a blessing in disguise, as you have more time loving yourself once again. Keep in mind, loving your partner more than you do to yourself is fine as long as you’re still able to acknowledge your own glee. So do yourself a favor – Love yourself first before you give loads of love to your would-be partner.

Heartbreak Tip # 2: Appreciate your Worth

You may be the worst partner in the world as experienced in your previous relationship, but the world doesn’t end there. Stand up and regain your self confidence, but most importantly, reclaim your worth. Most people when break ups surface have a propensity to lose their belief and confidence in oneself. They’ve been so overwhelmed with the outcome of the situation and the rage of their partner throwing hurtful words that they tend to lose themselves in the process. When this happens, it is best that you start over again and start proving to everybody, especially your ex that you’re a precious gem that will sooner be missed and leaving you behind was your partner’s worse decision ever made.

Heartbreak Tip # 3: Patch Up If You Both Can

You can’ just toss and forget about the wonderful things you and your ex-partner have shared in just one gripe. Therefore, if there are chances for reconciliation and appeasement, do it at once. Break ups are oftentimes perfect moments to catch up with your shortcomings, deal with your previous issues, and straighten out whatever spats that once destroyed you and your ex’s sweet partnership.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Get My Ex Back: 3 Uniting Moves to Reconciliation

Reality check: The people closest to your heart are the ones that will push you to the edge - people that are capable of terribly hurting you. Disputes with your partner are no fun. However, at some point in one’s relationship, these inevitable arguments leading to either passing or lasting separation are bound to occur. So no matter how warped this may sound to you, turbulence in a relationship can actually be solved – that is if you know how to properly handle things that will get your ex back to you.

How to get my ex back”, this is the usual rambling of those who endure common conflicts with their significant other. If you’re experiencing a love spat, now is the best time to fix things with your ex before it’s too late for the both of you:

1. Pick an ideal timing to air your gripe – Now, how could this possibly fix things between the two of you? Simple! If you often ask yourself the question, “How do I get my ex back”, then this move is precisely the answer to your query. Set a time and place for you and your ex to talk, and when he walks in the door, don’t immediately fire about how badly he misbehaved, how irresponsible and hardhearted lover he was, and other asinine and uncalled-for complaints you may have. Keep in mind, if you’re not both in the right emotional and mental disposition to discuss things and patch things up, nothing will get solved. But, if both parties allow all grievances and grumbles to be settled by giving each other time to talk things out, chances of winning your ex back is likely to happen.
2. Never focus on the “I” and “me” attitude – A lot of lovers especially when they’ve been together for years has this “I” and “me” syndrome. “I’m always the one who tries to understand you”; “I always pay the bills”; “I feel like I’m left with unfair say when it comes to decision-making”; “I always feel sorry about myself.” You see, it’s always the “I” and “me” attitude. You always make it look like you’re the victim and your partner always playing the baddie. To avoid this scenario, it is best to consider the feelings of your partner. You can never get your ex back unless you change the “I” to “you”, or much better to “us”. If you want your ex back so badly, you must be selfless and considerate enough to your ex-partner’s feelings.
3. Make the first move – Yes, it is a given fact that you still give too much importance to your ego. But if you so love yourself that you can’t let down your guards and do the first move to get your ex back, then don’t expect for some divine intervention or magic spell to get your ex back in just a snap of a finger and in the blink of an eye. If you continuously voice out words like” How can I get my ex back, the soonest possible time”, then you must be the one to reach out to your ex-partner no matter who’s at fault. This gives you immense possibility that sooner or later, you’ll be back in each other’s arms.